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Our Cremation Package Includes

  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematory
  • Obtaining certified copies of death certificate
  • Obtaining cremation approval from the medical examiner
  • Assistance in filing for VA benefits and insurance policies
  • Social security administration forms completed
  • Alternative container (The container the body is cremated in)
  • Rigid container (For the return of the cremated remains)

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Veteran's Benefits

veteran's benefits

Burial benefits are available for spouses and dependents buried in a national cemetery include burial with the Veteran, perpetual care, and the spouse or dependents name and date of birth and death will be inscribed on the Veteran's headstone, at no cost to the family.

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Social Security Benefits

social security benefits

A one time payment is payable to the surviving spouse if he or she was living with the beneficiary at the time of death, or if living apart, was eligible for Social Security benefits on the beneficiary's earnings record for the month of death.

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Scattering at Sea

scattering at sea

The popularity of scattering at sea is steadily growing as people look to the organic nature of the ocean to help them bring closure to the loss of a loved one. Scattering at sea combines a sense of finality and a sense of a new beginning. It returns us to nature and the origin of our being.
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funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah help families of many generations honor their lost loved one

funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah have been working with the community for centuries to preserve the memory of loved ones who have passed away. In times past, a traditional funeral at funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah was the primary if not only choice families had in honoring the deceased. Today, however, the options are limitless and there are many new beautiful rites available at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes. funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah have found that the selection of a tradition or more modern rite is often based on the decision-makers generation.

Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes have observed that the traditional American funeral rite is very much ingrained in individuals from the World War II era. Brought up in this tradition, these Americans have mourned the loss of their own parents, siblings, friends and family members at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes in a very similar way. This consists a four-part rite that includes visitation at funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah, a funeral service held in a church of some denomination, a grave burial and a reception of family and friends following the burial. Other elements would likely include a newspaper obituary or death notice and a limousine- style hearse.

While this traditional option has endured through decades at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes, the deceased is sometimes unable to afford this traditional service – which can be quite costly. For this reason, those who wish to have a traditional service at funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah may consider pre-planning their funeral. This ensures that their final wishes are carried out – and the individual can make choices prior to death that will honor their wishes.

Pre-need planning at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes has become quite common. The thought is that if you have the funds to pre-plan your funeral at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes, you will be able to spend those funds in a way that best suit your personal wishes. With the idea that you "can't take it with you," older adults are commonly taking care of their funeral expenses at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes before they pass not only so they can "have it their way" but also to relieve any burden that would be placed on their descendents. In some cases, the individual making pre-arrangements is without close family or descendents and wants to ensure that their funeral will be handled appropriately at funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah.

Sometimes, the final choices fall on a family member or friend of the deceased. Ideally, there is some beforehand communication as to the individual's final wishes so that the decision making process at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes is easier. This can reduce the stress and angst placed on the family member to make difficult decisions that play finances and emotion against one another.

If the individual who must pay for the funeral is of a different generation than the deceased, it is more likely that he or she will have different ideas about the expenses and choices associated with the Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes service. Traditional services at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes can be much more expensive than more modern options also available at funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah.

The proceeding generation of Baby Boomers may be willing to use their own finances to help put on a more traditional service when the deceased prefers such a service at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes. However, challenging economic times may affect their ability to do so – especially when their personal beliefs may be much different than their older family members.

The younger X and Y generations are even less likely to have money set aside for what they may feel is an obsolete type of service. This generation tends to more openly accept new ways of honoring the deceased at Lds Hospital, Utah funeral homes including direct cremation services, which are very cost-efficient and make way for more modern ceremonies. It is very evident that generational gaps lend to different feelings, thoughts and opinions on how to best honor the deceased at funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah.

When the choice is being made by younger generations with fewer resources with which to plan the service, they tend to choose ceremonies that are simpler. Cremation is often the option of choice for younger generations, who may be more open to creative ways of celebrating life at funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah. Depending on the other choices involved, cremation is a very cost effective service option. In its most simple form, direct cremation eliminates the costs of expensive amenities such as a coffin, grave plot and grave marker. For young Americans with fewer monetary resources, it is a clear and simple choice.

Today's service choices and amenities chosen at funeral homes in Lds Hospital, Utah, Utah are heavily influenced by the beliefs and values of the generation who is making the final arrangement decisions, not necessarily about the individual who has passed away.