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Our Cremation Package Includes

  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematory
  • Obtaining certified copies of death certificate
  • Obtaining cremation approval from the medical examiner
  • Assistance in filing for VA benefits and insurance policies
  • Social security administration forms completed
  • Alternative container (The container the body is cremated in)
  • Rigid container (For the return of the cremated remains)

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Veteran's Benefits

veteran's benefits

Burial benefits are available for spouses and dependents buried in a national cemetery include burial with the Veteran, perpetual care, and the spouse or dependents name and date of birth and death will be inscribed on the Veteran's headstone, at no cost to the family.

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Social Security Benefits

social security benefits

A one time payment is payable to the surviving spouse if he or she was living with the beneficiary at the time of death, or if living apart, was eligible for Social Security benefits on the beneficiary's earnings record for the month of death.

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Scattering at Sea

scattering at sea

The popularity of scattering at sea is steadily growing as people look to the organic nature of the ocean to help them bring closure to the loss of a loved one. Scattering at sea combines a sense of finality and a sense of a new beginning. It returns us to nature and the origin of our being.
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funeral homes in Warren Ohio provide information pre-planning services

funeral homes in Warren Ohio are well-known for both traditional death services and also meeting the emerging needs of today's family. Faced with two recent deaths, my husband and I recently talked about planning our funeral at Warren, Ohio funeral homes. It seemed to us that the convenient pre-planning services provided by funeral homes in Warren, Ohio would allow us to ensure our wishes were met, and that no mourning family member would feel compelled to drop a fortune on our funeral.

As a mom of three children, my priorities should I lose my life are not whether my casket is made of gold. And, being that I have always taken care of such things as bills and subscriptions, my widowed husband may appreciate having the required details such as making cemetery arrangements, filing paperwork, choosing a casket and placing the obituary, tended to by funeral homes in Warren, Ohio.

Essentially, together we decided that the services provided by funeral homes in Warren, Ohio will provide us with the peace of mind in knowing that our families are able to focus on healing rather than the details of death, burial, cremation and Social Security.

We found that the obituary or death notice can be written in advance, so that funeral homes in Warren, Ohio can place it immediately in the papers. If you do not wish to pre-write, or have a family member write, your death notice funeral homes in Warren, Ohio will write it up for you.

I am still a bit undecided as to whether I would want the more traditional service, most commonly provided by Warren, Ohio funeral homes – with a viewing, the funeral itself and then burial. This is the type of service I am most familiar with, so it brings me comfort. Warren, Ohio funeral homes can also help make arrangements for burial directly with your cemetery of choice. I like the idea of Warren, Ohio funeral homes laying me to rest with my parents, grandparents and others who have gone before me.

There is another service provided by funeral homes in Warren, Ohio: cremation or direct cremation. Warren, Ohio funeral homes have found it a common misconception that it is not possible to be laid for viewing by selecting cremation as your preferred option. In this case, the body is laid out at Warren, Ohio funeral homes until after the services are complete, and then cremated. If direct cremation is chosen, Warren, Ohio funeral homes will cremate the body before services, and the ashes may then be present for services

Warren, Ohio funeral homes also allow for an immediate burial service, where the deceased is laid to rest immediately following death. In this case, a memorial service or other form of ceremony is hosted by funeral homes in Warren, Ohio to celebrate life and mourn the family's loss.

There is something almost romantic and limitless to be in the concept of cremation – ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Warren, Ohio have found that indeed, cremation does allow for expanded choices in celebrating death. Plus, cremation is often less expensive than a traditional funeral/ burial option.

There are many things I am passionate about in this life of mine – and knowing that Warren, Ohio funeral homes would help my family scatter ashes in a meaningful spot, and even reserve some ashes in a keepsake or urn, is a nice thought to me. There is a huge range of prices for both caskets and grave markers – for me, I think I'd rather spend a little more on the grave marker so my family has something pretty to look at than the casket if I am buried in one.

It has been said that funerals are for the living, and I agree with this wholeheartedly. Warren, Ohio funeral homes can suggest many ways to help your family mourn and reminisce – including video presentations, song selections, prayer cards, online guestbook and more. Warren, Ohio funeral services can even assist in hiring a caterer to feed guests.

funeral homes in Warren, Ohio also offer Web based services including online obituaries and guest books. These options allow a loving way to share loss across distances. Warren, Ohio funeral homes also have Internet based guest books which allow a way to express thoughts, share stories and express condolences online. In the end, an enduring and treasured collection remains.

Services provided by funeral homes in Warren, Ohio do not end at planning, nor at the end of the funeral services. In fact, Warren, Ohio funeral homes provide care to families that extend weeks, even months, beyond. In the form of grief counseling, support groups, referrals and other post- care services, you can be assured that Warren, Ohio funeral homes will provide your family with care and attention.