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Our Cremation Package Includes

  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematory
  • Obtaining certified copies of death certificate
  • Obtaining cremation approval from the medical examiner
  • Assistance in filing for VA benefits and insurance policies
  • Social security administration forms completed
  • Alternative container (The container the body is cremated in)
  • Rigid container (For the return of the cremated remains)

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  • Most trusted Cremation provider for over two decades
  • Compassionate and Professional service
  • Affordable & Dignified Cremation Services
  • Serving all faiths & ethnicities

Veteran's Benefits

veteran's benefits

Burial benefits are available for spouses and dependents buried in a national cemetery include burial with the Veteran, perpetual care, and the spouse or dependents name and date of birth and death will be inscribed on the Veteran's headstone, at no cost to the family.

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Social Security Benefits

social security benefits

A one time payment is payable to the surviving spouse if he or she was living with the beneficiary at the time of death, or if living apart, was eligible for Social Security benefits on the beneficiary's earnings record for the month of death.

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Scattering at Sea

scattering at sea

The popularity of scattering at sea is steadily growing as people look to the organic nature of the ocean to help them bring closure to the loss of a loved one. Scattering at sea combines a sense of finality and a sense of a new beginning. It returns us to nature and the origin of our being.
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Salisbury Cremation Services Are Proud of Their One Hundred Years Of serving North Carolina Residents.

Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services have been assisting families of North Carolina in their time of need for over one hundred years. The staff members at Salisbury, North Carolina funeral homes are the fifth generation to live and work in the community they serve, they are proud of their reputation in the community as serving others and helping the town grow.

When you need one of the Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services, a director will be there for you no matter what time of day or night you call. Once that call is made, Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services begin their work of preparing any necessary paperwork, and making the necessary arrangements, so you do not have to. At Salisbury, North Carolina funeral homes you can rest assured that every aspect of the service will be what you or your loved one wants, questions will be asked to see how you want to personalize the service for your family member or friend.

Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services have chapels on site if you want to have a religious service along with the visitation, all religions and cultures will be served in the tradition and custom that is right for your family. Large visitation rooms that cam accommodate memorial tables are available as well small private rooms where you can spend time alone. Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services want you to know that a meaningful funeral is one that is a tribute to the life that has been lived not the death that has occurred. Families are able to cope better with the lost of a loved one when the involve themselves in the planning of a meaningful tribute, and Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services will be there to guide you and offer suggestions along the way.

When you are planning a personalized tribute Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services want you to think about the qualities of the person who dies and what she or he meant to other. Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services will ask about and passions, hobbies, like, and dislikes the person had, this will help you to capture the unique life you are celebrating, and honor them with wonderful memories. One of the unique offerings from Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services is the planting of a tree in the memory of your loved one, this is considered a living memorial for the bereaved families and is offered at no charge to you.

Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services have grown with the times and realize that friends and family members live farther apart than ever before, because of this not everyone who wants to attend the final services for their friend or family member can be there. Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services offer an online obituary with a guest book that people can sign and leave a special message. This makes the loved ones who could not say their goodbye in person feel like were a part of the ceremony, and you will have a beautiful place to view online that has memories and condolences from all who loved the one who has passed on.

After the services and the burial are complete, you may feel very alone and not know how to go on. Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services will not leave you after their service is done, they feel that you not only need their service for the final goodbye of your loved one, but you need them after as well. They will guide you through the grieving process by helping you find the kind of support you may need. Whether that is a group that meets in person to help you to deal with your unique journey, or an online support group where you can chat with others who are beginning a new journey of their own. Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services know that everyone deals with grief in their own way and they will help you find the support that is right for you.

One of the new offerings of Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services is the pre-planning of your own Cremation Services. Most people plan ahead for things in life, even planning for the unexpected is done when someone purchases insurance, Salisbury, North Carolina funeral homes have a dedicated professional to sit with you and plan for your end of life wishes. You will be able to decide what type of service you want from beginning to end. This takes some of the stress off of the remaining family members at one of the worst times in their life. Finding out about a death is a very emotional time and having to make decisions about the burial can be extremely hard, when you have all of plans made in advance, your loved ones will be able to focus on themselves and helping other family members deal with the loss. You can also pre-pay for the services to relieve any financial burden from your family.

When you choose Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services you can be sure that you and your loved one will be treated with the greatest of dignity and devotion that each individual deserves. Salisbury, North Carolina Cremation Services treat you with the quiet gentleness and comfort that you and others who are left behind need at this moment in your life.