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Overcoming Loneliness After Loss

Eight years ago, when my husband, Dave, died with cancer after only three months’ illness, I was so overwhelmed with loneliness I thought the huge chasm of pain would never be filled. The days were an endless maze of meaningless routine, and my emotions ran amok like a malfunctioning roller coaster. The nights were even [...]

Facing Death With Faith and Courage

Helen was the cornerstone of her family-the emotional bulwark for her husband and children, as well as her extended family and friends. She was a church leader and organist, counted on and loved by many. Then leukemia struck and medical interventions could not thwart its progress. Helen imposed her will and character upon her dying. [...]

Coping When Someone You Love Is Dying

I was out walking in the woods one chilly April afternoon. For weeks, Nature had been with-holding her gift of warmer, sunny spring weather. It seemed as if it had been cloudy forever. And then suddenly rays of sunshine broke through the tree limbs. I smiled and my heart said a prayer of thanks for [...]

Being Angry With God at a Time of Suffering or Loss

Some years ago, DR. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of the landmark book On Death and Dying, spoke to a group of hospital chaplains. She told them about her research into what dying people go through as they struggle toward acceptance. She spoke of anger directed at doctors or at family members, and her audience nodded in [...]

The Four Tasks of Grieving

When the person you love died, you probably weren’t even sure you could make it through the funeral. You did make it, but only because you found yourself surrounded by support. Friends and family members cried with you. They shared memories of the person who had died and made memorial gifts in his or her [...]