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Taking the Time You Need to Grieve Your Loss

I remember the dark night I was driving 55 miles an hour on the interstate and hit a patch of ice. My reflex reaction was to turn the steering wheel away from the direction in which my car was sliding. As a result, I veered across the median strip, narrowly escaped hitting an oncoming semitrailer, [...]

The Grief You Feel Before the Loss

When Bill complained of severe stomach pain, the doctors removed his gallbladder. They discovered that the blockage was due not to stones, but to cancer that had clogged the duct-and invaded his liver. They decided to move him directly from the recovery room to the hospice unit. Bill’s wife collapsed in tears that did not [...]

Being Angry With God at a Time of Suffering or Loss

Some years ago, DR. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of the landmark book On Death and Dying, spoke to a group of hospital chaplains. She told them about her research into what dying people go through as they struggle toward acceptance. She spoke of anger directed at doctors or at family members, and her audience nodded in [...]

Using Good Memories to Help Heal Your Grief

By my desk stands a black-and-white snapshot of the old farmhouse I grew up in. better than the photo itself is the inscription my dad wrote on it: “This is the Mundy home, Celestine, Indiana.” In the thirty-some years I knew my dad, this was about as sentimental as he got. That’s why this memento [...]

Understanding Death Through the Eyes of Faith

Death is one of life’s ultimate mysteries-maybe the ultimate mystery-in part because it is so difficult to imagine. Whether someone thinks death is the end, period, or the doorway to life forever with God, it’s hard to picture what either destination would look like. What isn’t hard to imagine is the stark reality for anyone [...]