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Cremation and The Value Of Consumer Testimonials

Presently participation in NFDA’s for a life worth celebrating consumer education effort effectively utilize the packet of tools NFDA provides to its members, and many firms have achieved great results in gaining positive community awareness of their funeral home while educating the public about the value of funeral service.While NFDA members around the country work [...]

Cremation Services Positive PR and Careers In Funeral Service

Every now and then I will receive a call from a member of the media who is hoping to develop a story related to selecting funeral service as a career, and why an individual might consider this profession.In the past couple of months, one reporter I talked with wrote a story about the funeral director [...]

Cremation and Preneed Vs At-Need Does The Chasm Really Exist?

In our blind study (subjects did not know who was doing the research), preneed decision makers from across the country most of whom are also funeral directors or funeral home owners were asked to select which of the following statements best describes how they feel about preneed insurance: Preneed is an unimportant and unnecessary part [...]

Cremation and A Cold Disposition

Funeral Services Provider has known that burial space is becoming scarce around the world.  In Durban, South Africa, burial space has become so limited that according to the South African Press Association, funeral experts at the 2001 Funerex  Conference in Durban  suggested burying the deceased vertically to conserve space.  In Athens, Greece burial space is [...]

Cremation and Funeral Trends Celebrant Ceremonies

One of the biggest trends that we at the Celebrant USA Foundation & institute have seen in funerals and memorials is the increase in “end-of-life tributes.”These tributes which could be compared to family reunions typically take place a year or more after the funeral of the deceased and provide an opportunity for family members to [...]