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Cremation and Being Gentle With Yourself While Grieving

“I know the things I am supposed to do to take care of myself during grief,” said Susan Bryant and experienced hospice and healthcare chaplain in Atlanta who has accompanied many people on their journey through grief after a loved one’s death. But Susan’s knowledge about grief clashed with her experience as she faced the [...]

Cremation and Handling The Heartbreak When A Baby Dies

“One day you feel together and the next couldn’t be worse.It come and goes-the shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, emptiness and aching arms.I crave privacy yet I can’t tolerate being alone.I often feel angry that society doesn’t seem to accept any grieving that takes more than six weeks…The pain subsides only to come flooding back [...]

Cremation and A Serenity Prayer For Grievers

The serenity prayer a simple prayer of uncertain origins has long been a source of strength and guidance for people from all walks of life, particularly those troubled by addiction.The prayer captures the delicate balance we all face as we engage life and its challenges while accepting our limitations: God grant me the serenity to [...]

Cremation and Grieving The Death Of A Grown Son Or Daughter

You hovered over the crib to check the rise and fall of an infant’s chest. You held your breath when the bicycle first rounded the corner and disappeared.You fretted over violated curfews and the smell of cigarettes of alcohol.Finally you breathed a sigh of relief because the focus of all your worries had safely reached [...]

Cremation and Getting Through The Annual Reminders Of Your Loss

Funeral Services Provider memory writes on every page of the calendar—here a birthday, there a holiday, further on a wedding date.In the wake of death, those precious days bear a bitter sweet tinge, a pang that the celebrations they mark will never be repeated with someone you have loved.Most of those dates are warned by [...]