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Cremation and Effective Preneed Solutions To Protect and Grow Business

Quinn Eagan president of Preneed Funeral Program, Metairie, La. , discussed funeral service‘s changing market in his presentation, “Effective Preneed Solutions to Protect and Grow your Business. “”If we don’t respond to changes in the industry we could get left behind,” warned Eagan. He gave the example of a company that launches a great product [...]

Cremation: Recognizing Buyer Trends and Increasing Your Profits

Targeting the right consumers for preneed sales is key to the livelihood of the funeral home. One of those “right” targets comes in the form of the number of 190 million and makes up $4. 4 trillion in buying power. These consumers write the checks, they purchase 81 percent of all products and services, they [...]

Cremation and The Ultimate Cremation Experience Through Questioning Strategies

“Cremation & Creating the Ultimate Cremation Experience Through Questioning Strategies. ” There are two types of customers funeral directors serve, according to Wages. The external client includes the client families served by the funeral director. These are the people from outside the funeral home environment. The second type of customer, said Wages, is often forgotten [...]

Cremation and The Best Of The Human Spirit

Holly Pierce and Amado Angelito have something in common. They both died too young, were children taken before they had the chance to really fly out into the world. But that’s where their similarities end. Holly who was deeply loved by her family and friends, was hit by a car while she crossed a busy [...]

Cremation and The Good Preneed

Just as Wall Street analysts consider a backlog of orders an indicator of future corporate performance funeral home operators should look to their own preneed programs to help predict what tomorrow holds. The analysts and strategists in New York who are assigned to watching the funeral home conglomerates have now placed a huge importance on [...]