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Cremation Options Puts Our Best Foot-Finger Forward!

These days many woman (and men) take pride in the appearance of their hands especially their fingernails and spend a significant amount of time and money properly caring for their nails. Caring for the fingernails of the deceased however has received the least amount of education and attention in the final preparation of human remains. [...]

Cremation and Making Your Choice?

Ralph Klicker wrote an article published in the February 2000 issue of The Director titled “Doing Business in the Next Millennium. ” Klicker began the article by stating those in funeral service have two choices. One choice is to deal positively with the changes occurring within the profession as well as those economic, political and [...]

Cremation and Paying The Price For Free Speech

What an inspired time it must have been in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787. The founding fathers were on their game when they formulated the U. S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Now some 220 years later while some of the provisions of the Bill of Rights have weathered some serious challenges they [...]

Cremation Difference

We arrived for NFDA’s convention & expo in Chicago with great expectations to be enlightened, informed, reunited and recharged. Thousands of funeral directors and suppliers converged in one place to enhance their roles as caregivers and supporters of those facing life’s most defining moment. Without our cumulative efforts, the events surrounding the loss of a [...]

Cremation and The Life Appreciation Four Point Interview

Over the past three months, this column has explored two points of the Life Appreciation Four Point Arrangement System: the support discussion and the life review interview section. The four point interview is a proven system that impacts a family’s perception of value in the funeral, enabling them to begin to participate in the development [...]