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Grieving The Loss Of Your Parent After Cremation

My mother, lying in a darkened hospital room, was close to death.  But as she reached for my hand and looked at me intently, she was fully aware that her youngest daughter was at her side.  “Judy is it raining?” she asked.  “No mom it’s beautiful outside-and it’s even more beautiful where you are going,” [...]

Walking With God Through Grief And Loss After Cremation

One of the most pain-filled letters I ever received came from a young mother whose first born child had died of AIDS.  She was overwhelmed with the depth of this loss.  It was doubly crushing blow to her since she did not know she was a carrier of the disease until her daughter was born.  [...]

Preparing Cremation For A Loved One’s Death

One evening my father, in the throes of a long bout with respiratory illness, experienced severe weakness and shortness of breath.  I net him at the hospital door to hear him say “Just look at me; I don’t know if I am going to make it.”  His own words highlighted the deepening reality that his [...]

Living With Loss While Others Are Celebrating After The Cremation Process

“Why do those stupid birds keep singing?  What’s wrong with the people in those cars all around me-they act as if this were a regular day!  Have these people in my office completely forgotten the tears and sincere condolences they were offering me only days ago?  Now they are talking as though nothing has happened.  [...]

Sharing Your Grief, Easing Your Loss After Cremation

“So high you can’t get over it / So low you can’t get under it / So wide you can’t get around it / You gotta go in through the door.”  These words from a spiritual I sand as a youth speak to me now of the experience of grief-and of the most healing approach [...]