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Can You Cremate Your Departed Loved One if He is Obese?

Since the number of obese people is increasing these days, many people are trying to find out if it is possible to have large bodies cremated. Actually, it depends on where the cremation is performed. The cremation of large bodies requires larger chambers, and not every crematory is equipped with the right chambers to get the job done. That is why some people have to travel hundreds of miles with the bodies of their loved ones to give them a cremation funeral. Even if a crematory allows the cremation of large bodies, there are certain precautions that have to be observed to ensure a smooth and safe cremation process.

The major difference between cremating a lean body and an obese body lies in the amount of body fat that will be burned. During the process of cremation, it has been observed that every pound of lean tissues will give out approximately 1,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units), while one pound of fatty tissues will emit 20,000 BTUs. When it comes to cremating large bodies, the weight of the body alone does not determine whether a person is obese or not. The height of the person has to be taken into consideration too.

If your departed loved one is considered obese, he or she must be the first one to be cremated on the day of the cremation. Because obese bodies give out so much heat when they are cremated, it is not safe to cremate them in a cremator that is still hot, as overheating may occur. A cold cremator provides the best condition for the cremation of the obese. Other than that, the operator of the cremator also has to make the necessary adjustments on the time controls, since the cremation of an obese body takes a longer time. There are certain cremation equipments that require an obese body to be placed into the cremator head first. This is to ensure that the part of the body that contains most fat, which is the torso, will be placed further away from the main burner.

If you are planning to cremate a departed loved one who is obese, it is advisable that you go to an established crematory that has the right equipment and a responsible staff.

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  1. Malissa Wilson says:

    My loved one is at least 400 lbs and in poor health. When the time comes, cremation is the wish. Is there a crematorium in Connecticut (preferably New Haven county) that can accommodate someone that size? Height is 5’8″. Thank you.

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