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More Americans prefer Cremation

Research shows that the option of cremation continues to expand as a choice many Americans would personally select. This is based on an annual study done over five years by Wirthlin Worldwide. According to the new national survey, 46% of Americans plan to choose cremation compared to 45% in 1999, 39% in 1995 and 31% [...]

Cremation Provides Limitless Funeral Options

Cremation provides families with limitless funeral options when a loved one passes away. Cremation allows families far greater latitude than burial in choosing the time and place of memorial services for their loved one. Cremation permits a wide variety of choices in selecting the final disposition of a loved one’s cremains. Cremation does not limit a [...]

Why Pre-Plan Your Cremation?

Life may be a slow but steady journey toward death, but most of us prefer to think of living than the final step in the journey. Yet, most of us have very definite ideas about what we want to happen when we die. Pre-planning your cremation ensures that, when you do take that final step [...]

Choosing The Right Cremation Urn

Cremation urns vary, just as people do.  Making the decision as to what type of urn you will place the cremains of your dearly departed in usually falls upon the relatives. The law does not require that cremains be placed in any type of urn, but most family members find that purchasing one will give [...]

Poetry for Comfort at a Cremation Memorial

Poetry offers, in beautiful and sentimental terms, a sense of healing, an affirmation of love, and wishes for the well-being of the loved one in their next phase of expression. This particular poem is especially appropriate for a service in which the deceased has been cremated with a plan of having the cremains released, because [...]